12 February 2014: Social Charges in Switzerland

5 February 2014: International Employment Expansion
5th February 2014
25 February 2014: New Dismissal Rules in Belgium
25th February 2014

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The following is an example breakdown of Social Charges etc. related to a Gross Salary.


Breakdown                                                                                        Employer’s Costs
Gross Salary                                                                                    6 500.00SFr.
+ 5.15% Old Age Insurance (AHV)                                                  334.75SFr.
+ 2.50% Administrational costs AHV                                                16.74SFr.
+ 1.10% Loss of job insurance (ALV)                                               71.50SFr.
+ 0.50% Additional Loss of job insurance (ALV2)
+ 1.29% Mandatory accident insurance (UVG)                               83.85SFr.
+ 2.00% Family allocation fund (FAK)                                            130.00SFr.
+ 1.56% KTG                                                                                       101.40SFr.
+ Mandatory pension fund (BVG) Estimate                                                200.00SFr.
+ 0.30% Collective Labour Agreement (GAV)                                 19.50SFr.
Total costs employer                                                                   7 457.74SFr.

Deuxieme Pilier
The pension (Deuxieme Pilier) is difficult to calculate perfectly because it can vary with age, occupation, and with the vagaries of insurance companies. We have used the mandatory maximum salary of CHF59700 X 8% divided 50/50 between employer and employee.
But a lot of employers base the 2me Pilier on the whole base salary and frequently the payment is 12% split 4% employee 8% Employer .

Employment Services
IF A CLIENT WANTS Compandben’s local partner to Employ staff on their behalf the cost is 11.5% of salary.

Contact Compandben or visit Compandben Main Website – Switzerland Employment Services for more information.

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