Service in Iraq Basrah

6th May 2019
International Payroll LITHUANIA
Lithunia Employer Social Charges
13th May 2019
We received a proposal a week or so ago for a service in Iraq-Basrah.

Here are the details

Type of cost Rate/ Amount (USD) Unit Frequency Time of Payment
1. Visa arrangement 600 Per Employee At least twice a year Upon receipt of Visa
2. Work Permit charges 1500 Per Employee At least once a year Upon receipt of Work Permit
3. Initial Logistics  4% of original cost At the start of Contract Upon receipt of original invoice from us
Salary Fee
Employment Service, Processing and record keeping along with compliance 12% of salaries and social charges  Monthly in advance 10 days prior to payment due
BRT-(like VAT) 4% of transferred invoice Monthly Paid on quarterly basis 
Reimbursement of recurring expenses 
Travel Boarding and lodging 10% of Original cost Monthly, if any Upon receipt of original invoice from us

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