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Payroll Services in Egypt

The Compandben Payroll Partner in Egypt firm produces about 900 Payslips per month and has payroll clients ranging from companies with 1 employee to those with 560 employees.

The three largest clients are:

1. Oracle: 560 payslips per month.
2. CONFIDENTIAL: 140 payslips per month
3. PricewaterhouseCoopers: 40 payslips per month.

The industries in which there is particular experience are:


In total the firm has 13 employees and payroll staff has 5 employees

The annual turnover is US$160K.

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John Tinsley
Compandben HR Consultancy
5 Rue de L’Orangerie
1202 Geneva
+41 79285 9713 CH
+44 79581 73708 UK

Payroll Services

The firm has 5 years in the business outsourcing process solution market, and 5 years of experience in payroll services. They have trilingual staff – English/Greek/Arabic.

It is a firm of qualified accountants and tax consultants, and can provide services such as:

• Company set up – our legal advisor can suggest the proper structure for setting up of the business in Egypt, or employment of staff can be arranged through our entity and fully seconded to clients.

• Tax Advice—employment taxes, social charges, corporate tax.

• HR advice including local labour law and regulations, employment contracts, remuneration and benefits, terminations, medical insurance for staff.

• Expatriation issues including visa regulations, work permits, split payrolls, tax equalization and shadow payrolls.

Egypt Tax Advice Service

The Compandben partner provides annual tax reconciliations per employee ...

– locally required for all payroll clients. They also ensure that an independent tax advisor reviews the payrolls quarterly to make sure taxes applied to salaries, benefits, allowances and any other payments done through payroll are as per local tax laws.

The independent tax advisor is a value added service: the responsibility and cost is borne by the Payroll Partner; to make sure no surprise tax expenses come up for their clients in the future.

Employer of Record Services

Keys Group can also EMPLOY staff on behalf of clients – useful if the client has not yet set up a legal entity in Egypt.

An example of this is a client who intended to set up an entity in Egypt, but incorporation procedures were delayed. They did have a project to start up in Egypt however, so the Compandben Partner hired 65 of their employees whom they had already selected, for a period of 15 months approximately. During this period the staff were working for the client but hired through our partner company, and they took care of all their local taxes, social charges, assisted them with HR letters to embassies for those who required visas to travel overseas, handled their salary payments, medical reimbursements, etc.

Once their legal entity was set up, our partners assisted them with the transfer of staff to their company – from helping them prepare employment contracts under their entity, de-registering their employees from their company to registering their employees under their social insurance file at the local authorities. And the firm continues to provide payroll services to this client till now.

Besides employment services, they also assisted them in setting up their personnel department, to ensure all employee files were properly filed and documents kept as per labour law requirements in Egypt.

Accounting/Administration Services

The Partner had a client who did not want the headache of setting up operations in Egypt. Hence we set up a company solely for their use. They assisted them with locating an office, fully furnished it with desks, IT room, laptops, servers, and made sure they were ideally situated in an exclusive IT services complex, close to their own clients. Besides handling their payroll and hiring their employees, the firm also takes care of all their accounting needs, from payment of monthly utility bills, office rent, to annual accrual entries that they require for purposes of internal budgeting purposes.

Additionally all the client’s administrative tasks, are covered including assisting with travel, visas, medical insurance costs, travel expense reimbursements, approving expenses, providing quotes for a number of requests, drafting a mini employment handbook for their staff locally, even down to refurbishing their mini buffet area on a weekly basis!