25 February 2014: New Dismissal Rules in Belgium

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25 February 2014: New Dismissal Rules in Belgium

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New Dismissal Rules in Belgium apply as of 1 January 2014:
1.2.3 The notice periods in the event the employer gives notice

The aim of the legislator was to foresee relatively short notice terms in the early stages of employment, to clear the barrier to recruitment and in that way to facilitate better mobility on the labour market. Subsequently, the duration of the notice period progressively increases as the seniority ascends. With this progressivity, the legislator wants to offer the employee job security. The building-up of the notice period entitlement however slows down as of 20 years of seniority.

The following table gives an overview of the notice periods which apply in the event it is the employer who gives notice:

Seniority                                                            Notice period

less than 3 months                                            2 weeks

between 3 months and < 6 months                4 weeks

between 6 months and < 9 months                6 weeks

between 9 months and < 12 months             7 weeks

between 12 months and < 15 months           8 weeks

between 15 months and < 18 months           9 weeks

between 18 months and < 21 months         10 weeks

between 21 months and < 24 months         11 weeks

between 2 years and < 3 years                      12 weeks

between 3 years and < 4 years                      13 weeks

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