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Welcome to Compandben Vietnam

The Compandben Partner in Vietnam is a professional services company with a focus on human resources management in Viet Nam. In operation since 2003, it has a head office in Ho Chi Minh City and branches in HaNoi and DaNang. Over 60 staff serve over 300 clients.

Vietnam Payroll Providers

The Compandben Partner in Vietnam has made it easy for our customers to deliver on their Vietnamese labour contract obligations. Our customers have their payroll done on time, accurately and with quality customer service. In operation since 2006 the Compandben Partner in Vietnam  now pays over 1,500 people across 30 companies and five provinces nationwide. Our team of trained professionals work to keep you compliant with the changing regulations.

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John Tinsley
Compandben HR Consultancy
5 Rue de L’Orangerie
1202 Geneva
+41 79285 9713 CH
+44 79581 73708 UK

Search – Customers of Executive Search Services find well matched talent faster than their competitors giving their business the edge. Candidates are ‘sticky’ and stay longer with our customers than the industry average.

Staffing – Customers of Staff Outsourcing Services leave all the administration and risk of employment behind them when they use the Compandben Partner in Vietnam. Staff are their employees working in at our customer site on contract.

Payroll – Customer of Payroll Outsourcing Services ensure that their staff are paid on time, accurately and in full compliance with the laws of VietNam. The Compandben Partner in Vietnam handles all regulatory payments, reporting and compliance tasks.

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Vietnam Employment Services

The Compandben Partner in Vietnam staffing offers an alternative to the direct hire of your staff. We hire the staff into our company and then contract them back to you on a service contract basis. The Compandben Partner in Vietnam handles all the administration, employee relations and compliance, including recruitment, on-boarding, payroll and replacement. It’s easy, with professional customer service from our trained team.