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Compandben Payroll Partner


Welcome to the Compandben International Payroll Partners in the Netherlands

The Compandben Payroll Partner in the Netherlands is a Utrecht based HR and payroll provider.

Together with its sister company it employs over a hundred payroll and HR specialists. Services provided are: payroll outsourcing and insourcing, pension administration and several HR Services like recruitment and secondment. It also has in the network a company specialised in expatriate administration.

For international based organizations, they offer specialized expat payroll (including 30% facility and salary split) and variety of additional services like a payment service, payrolling and Excutive payroll.

Compandben has worked with them since 2004.

Employment Services in the Netherlands

The Compandben Employment Services Providers for Netherlands will employ staff on behalf of clients, so that the client does not need to set up a legal entity in Netherlands.

Contact Compandben

John Tinsley
Compandben HR Consultancy
5 Rue de L’Orangerie
1202 Geneva
+41 79285 9713 CH
+44 79581 73708 UK


Terms and Conditions of Employment

Probationary Period.
The normal probationary period is 2 Months.
Fixed Term contracts can have a one month probation if the contract duration exceeds 6 months.

Notice period
Minimum 30 days
Dismissal only allowed if approved by UWV or District Court.

Months of Salary
There are normally 12 months of salary plus an additional payment in June for the vacation Allowance, equal to 8% of the Gross Remuneration (pro-rata)

The retirement age is currently 66 years, but will increase to 67 in 2021. As from 2022, the pension age will be linked to the average life expectancy and thus could be greater than 67. If you were born before 1 January 1948, your pension age is 65

Working Hours
Maximum is a 40 hour week.

Governed by CLA. Average is 24.
Statutory minimum entitlement is 20 calendar days for staff working a 40 hour week.
There are 10 Public Holidays.
Employees must take their statutory holidays in any given year within 6 months after the end of that year.

Maternity Leave
Pregnant employees are entitled to (in Dutch) 4-6 weeks pregnancy leave (before the due date) and at least 10 weeks maternity leave (after childbirth). If your employee takes less than 6 weeks pregnancy leave before the birth, she is entitled to add the remaining amount (up to 2 weeks) to her maternity leave after the birth. If the baby is born later than the due date, the employee's maternity leave begins after the actual birth and the total may therefore be longer than 16 weeks.

Sick Pay
Governed by CLA (Collective Labor Agreement). Statutory minimum entitlement: -the first 2 years are to be paid by the employer. After that the state takes over. Sick leave entitlement is at least 70% of the salary

Social Security EMPLOYER

Indefinite Contract: contribution is 21.5% of remuneration but limited to contributions of €894.35 per month or €10,732.20 per year.

Fixed Term Contract: contribution is 26.5% of remuneration but limited to contributions of €1,263.87 per month or €15,166.44 per year.

Payroll Administration Costs for a payroll for 1 (ONE) Employee

  • Set up charge including registration as an Employer EUR 350.
  • Fixed monthly charge EUR 100.
  • Monthly charge per employee. EUR 65.
  • End of year charges EUR 00.
  • Charge for receiving the payroll funding and paying the employee EUR 55.