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Welcome to the Compandben International Payroll Partner Finland

Our services in Finland:

Compandben is registered as an Employer in Finland and so can provide Employer of Record services (sometimes called PEO services) directly there. Our payroll and our clients’ payrolls are run by a professional firm based in South Finland. We have dealt with this firm for over 10 years.

Finland Employer Costs

Employer social charges in Finland vary a little with the type of job and the industry of each employer but are usually 24.5% including health insurance, pension insurance, employment insurance, accident insurance and life insurance contributions.

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Compandben Globally..

Employment Services:

We employ staff directly on behalf of clients in Andorra, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Norway, Portugal, Poland, South Africa, Sweden and UK. In all these countries we charge clients `10% of the employment costs.

But for the other 100 countries, we use partner companies and simply add a small margin to the charges levied by the partner.

Payroll Administration Services

• If you do employ staff directly Finland is part of our network of partners covering up to 140 countries for payroll administration and accounting and we are happy to make sure everything is compliant. A typical monthly cost for this service for up to 3 employees is €165.

CONTACT or phone +41 79 285 9713 or +44 7958 173 708