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The Compandben International Payroll Partner in Macedonia

The Macedonian compandben partner is one of the leading payroll accounting and tax service companies in the South East European region. It is thanks to their strong network across the Balkan countries that the company is a renowned partner both locally and internationally.

The company is experienced in a wide array of services and supports clients with consolidating their payroll and tax obligations. Additionally, the Macedonian partner also provides up-to-date advice for employment issues on a practical level.

Their dedicated team supports clients in reviewing the internal payroll processes for non-domestic employees and ensuring compliance with income tax and social security legislation. They make sure to provide outstanding service in German, English and Macedonian languages.

The industries which the partner supports include: advertising, banking, oil and gas, agriculture, technology, commerce, manufacture, retail etc.

Compandben’s partners cover all the Former Yugoslav Republics (FYR )such as Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia-(called FYROM to distinguish it from Macedonia in Greece).

North Macedonia - used to be called Republic of Macedonia.

Our provider of services in North Macedonia is a firm that covers all of the West Balkan region including Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Greece, Kosovo Montenegro, and Serbia .

Here are the basic Terms and Conditions of Employment in North Macedonia:

Probationary Period The normal probationary period is 180 days (6 months). Probationary work can be resumed in case of justified absence from work (illness, etc.). Notice period - Minimum 30 days.

Months of Salary- There are normally 12 months of salary. More then 12 months of salary is made by decision of employer. (13th, 14th salary) Minimum salary as per labour law. 21 776 mkd (354 euro) gross salary per month

Retirement - Men from 64 years and females from 62 years of age. Sometimes variable according to the professional category. Working Hours – Maximum is a 40 hours week.

Vacation -20 calendar days /20 Working Days for staff working a 40 hour week. There are 28 Public Holidays. Is Vacation permitted to be carried over from one year to next? The vacation can be used till 30th June in the following year for previous (ie. The vacation for 2020 can be used until 30th June 2021)

Maternity Leave- 270 days (9 months) starting up to 30 days before childbirth.

Maternity leave is paid by the State or by the Employer? Maternity leave is paid by the State.

Sick Pay -The first 21 days are to be paid by the employer. After that the state takes over.

Social Security EMPLOYER contribution is 28% of remuneration.

Maximum salary for Employer social security – Limit is gross remuneration of 9969 euro per month or 119 628 euro per year.

Social Security -Employee xx% of remuneration.

Income tax employee -range 10 %

VAT % - 18%

Corporate Tax Rate10%

Nadica Mladenovska Krckoska

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