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Welcome to the Compandben International Payroll Partner Australia

The Compandben International Payroll Partner in Australia has a specialist team with broad qualifications that are dedicated to assisting foreign subsidiaries establish a business in Australia. Their approach is not solely from a traditional tax and accounting requirement, but also from a legal and commercial perspective. Clients come from USA, UK Chile, China Europe and Asia. Investment in a professional approach and correct Due Diligence produces good commercial results

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Payroll Outsourcing in Australia

The Compandben HR and Payroll Outsourcing partner in Australia started in 2000 and has grown from strength to strength over the period. It prides itself on being one of the most responsive and service focused outsourcing payroll companies in the industry. The firm analyses a client’s business requirements and builds solutions to suit the business size and industry, taking into account workforce, technology, communication and other limitations and requirements for each situation.

The company provides one point of contact who is responsible for a set of clients and in most cases solely tackles all tasks when required. The current clients range from small family run companies of up to 5 staff, to larger enterprises beyond 1000 employees. Traditionally, the firm manages clients with complex award and agreement situations across a range of industries

Being wholly Australian based, you have peace of mind that all staff meet the company’s  employment criteria before serving our clients. Additionally, all IT infrastructure is based only in Australia with full disaster recovery and backups to ensure your data is safe and private.

How we can help !

Payroll Services

There is a team of experienced payroll and employment services professionals who ensure success with your payroll by following our key fundamentals:

Implementation – a process is built to suit you, using the latest technology and processes. Just send in the employee data and the rest will follow.

Payroll Processing - Don’t worry about a thing, the company prompts for, captures and performs all payroll tasks at our end. Let’s get people paid accurately and on time with minimal fuss from your end.

Quality Assurance ‘Parallel Runs’ and other checks are run to ensure you are confident moving forward. The Service Agreement and supporting documents will give you the peace of mind you are looking for.

Employee Self Service (ESS). There is a web based ESS platform is user friendly and individually tailored for your company’s requirements.

Reporting and Banking: reports/data are built and uploaded where needed on your behalf. Not before you get a quick look at the info and are happy to proceed however! We will point out the ‘important stuff.’ for you to review in detail.

Ongoing Support and Advice – Clients have a dedicated Australian based Payroll Manager that can be contacted by email or phone. Unlimited payroll advice…. anyone want to discuss the Modern Award details? How about predicting a redundancy payout? 12 hours a day coverage to ensure your call is not missed!

Other Reporting/Tasks/Statutory requirements Superannuation processing, EOFY, termination pays, bonus pay runs, you name it, its all included in the standard service.

Workforce Outsourcing PEO/GEO/Employment of Record

International GEO (Global Employment Outsourcing), PEO (Professional Employer Organisation) and Employment of Record is the model of resourcing where your chosen personnel are employed by a third party PEO in Australia or another country.

How does PEO work?
  • Your needs are thoroughly analysed and you will be guided as to options and in-country requirements.
  • A relevant proposal is built and a service agreement is developed , including itemized breakdown so you know your ongoing total monthly costs. You can budget and decide accordingly, no lock in/long term contracts in play, we are as flexible as you need to be.
  • The relevant employment contracts for the worker(s) are developed. These can be customized and can include your company policies and procedures accordingly.
  • The employee is on-boarded using the approved employment contract, and any other company procedures/inductions and cultural requirements.
  • Where needed, our local partner can provide local support and guidance to the worker and client. A curtesy call around FAQ’s, salary packaging options, ‘Employee Self Service’ training, expense management, cultural inclusion activities and much more.
  • Monthly Payroll/Invoices are produced as scheduled, these are accurate, on-time and professional.
  • You have around the clock access to a dedicated payroll/HR manager to discuss bonuses/incentives/ performances/ terminations and any other HR/ongoing employment items. No matter the time zone, we are available to support where need be to ensure you are meeting local compliances at all times.

Payroll FAQ’s

1 How long has your partner firm been around for? Where are the offices?
Approx 15 years, Head office is based in Sydney, support offices for local state/country requirements in Melbourne, Perth, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia.
2 Do I have a direct manager/contact? Where are they based, and can I contact them directly or does it go to some sort of switchboard?
Yes, a dedicated payroll manager is provided, to be your key contact and be fully responsible for the ENTIRE payroll process, including data entry and other duties. They have a direct email/phone for your to contact them if need be. We encourage calls and direct discussions for ease and promptness of service.
3How long does it take to implement/transfer to the outsourced payroll model?
Approximate times: For clients up to 50 = 4 weeks. 50-200 = 6 weeks. 200-500 = 8 weeks. 500 + 12 weeks. Add/reduce 50% of time for extremes in complex/simple pay condition structures. We can cater for unique situations where you may have been left ‘high and dry’ or similar and fast track implementations where need be.
4How much effort is required from our end to assist with transfer of model?
We would usually expect some support with data transfer from your existing system, usually exporting into a csv format or similar. Additional discussion/feedback with Award/EBA ‘interpretations’ if need be. Feedback of desired reporting/processes/localized training etc.
5How many resources are required at our (client) end on an ongoing basis?

There is no 'Payroll Officer' requirement at all, we do need some HR/Finance/Manager support for such items as: Timesheet Approvals (if applicable), New Employee Forms, Salary Changes etc (HR)

Bonus/Commissions/Banking items if need be (Finance?) We estimate approx. 30 mins per pay run is required in HR/Finance resources to manage their subsequent payroll related tasks based on 100 employee headcount.

Let us build a solution to suit you! To find out more please contact: