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Local Professional Employment Organisations

Compandben’s Personal HR Service –

international employment services

Compandben started as an HR consultancy and we still get a fair amount of work in provision of salary surveys, labour law advice, benefit survey and provision, employment contracts, and employee handbooks. At client request we have been providing payroll services throughout the world through a network of tried and tested payroll partners in each country. Our first country was in fact Hong Kong, then Greece and then France. These payroll providers are usually small to mid-sized accountants. The contractual relationship is usually between us and the client with each of the local payroll offices as our subcontractor. We now have payroll providers in 160 countries, and are actually running or overseeing just under 400 payrolls in 80 of these countries, including areas that other companies don’t reach – e.g. Aruba, Brunei, Cameroun, Ethiopia, Falklands.

Recently – over the past two years we have had more and more requests for Employment Services – where our local partners will EMPLOY staff on behalf of clients. This is for a variety of reasons. It is a service that is popular in USA where companies that provide this employment are called “Professional Employment Organisations” or “PEOs”.

Click here to see a spreadsheet showing most of the countries where we can provide this service, the costs AND the Employer social charges in each country. Amaze people in meetings with your international knowledge!

CEO Compandben

In addition to the local expertise you get the HR services of the Company Director John Tinsley. He has worked for 25 years in international HR and has a wide international network which means we can always find an answer for you, for questions on employment contracts, remuneration, employee handbooks, terminations, benefits and so on. It is often useful to have a source like us “up your sleeve” to check on what is being claimed by the people in the field. We often provide the answers free; if there is a charge we ask you to approve in advance. You won’t get any “surprises”.


Contact Compandben or visit Compandben Main Website – International Employment Services for more information.

John Tinsley

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