Global PEO EOR Outsourcing Services

Global PEO EOR Outsourcing Services

Compandben’s Employer of Record (EOR) or Professional Employer Services (PEO)

Since 2012 Compandben has provided Employer of Record (EOR) Services in over 140 countries.

EOR & PEO services, how we can help.

When a company is expanding internationally it can either use AGENTS or RECRUIT LOCAL EMPLOYEES, and then:

  1. Set up a branch or subsidiary and employ the staff through that office.
  2. Register just as an Employer and employ staff directly
  3. Ask Compandben to arrange for one of its partners to act as the “Employer of Record” (called a PEO service in USA).

Method 1 is best if there is to be a substantial presence in the country -but it creates a taxable entity and so there is a need for accounting services and tax advice. Compandben will happily provide payroll and accounting services.

Method 2 applies in some countries and is the least expensive method. But it means the head office is responsible for signing employment contracts and is directly responsible for HR. It is also somewhat bureaucratic to set up, involving notarization of documents Apostilling of signatures – all perfectly reasonable but time consuming. Compandben will happily provide payroll services.

Method 3 the EOR/PEO service is the quickest way to get the employee employed and operational and is the least time consuming on an ongoing basis. Compandben will directly provide this service in Andorra, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland Sweden, and United Kingdom: for the other 130 countries we have a network of local employment providers developed over the last 15 years.