Global Payroll Administration Services

Global Payroll Administration Services

International Payroll Administration Services

The “Head Office” of your company no doubt already has its own substantial payroll administration, accounting and auditing function: there will normally be lots of liaison with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables Tax advisors, banks, investment partners, shareholders, capital markets and auditors

Global Accounting Services

The global accounting services provided by Compandben and its partners are geared to LOCAL INTERNATIONAL accounting and tax and particularly for small foreign offices,

Therefore, there is more concentration on...

  • Whether there is need for a local taxable entity at all? - a Permanent Establishment …-we and our partners will consult on what the rules and practices are,
  • Tax effective remuneration- including advice often to NOT grant employees USA style benefits,
  • Quarterly and annual accounts,
  • Foreign exchange issues,
  • Payroll and Social Security costs ,
  • Employee income tax administration,
  • Foreign government filings -for instance there are 3 annual filings in Italy, and
  • Tax treatment of foreign branches v subsidiaries v “stand alone” companies.