1What do you do ?
We provide companies who have employees outside their home country with market related and legal advice and services which enables them to expand or better manage their international workforce.
2What sort of people use the service?
HR professionals as you would expect, but also Regional Directors and line managers who like to have an independent source of information .
3How does your company get the information about countries all over the world ?
We have an international network of HR, payroll, and benefits professionals, as well as legal advisors.
4What countries do you cover ?
We never refuse a country. We pride ourselves on covering countries that other consultants do not reach: Mexico, the Arabian Gulf, and the far East.
5What do you charge
We always give a firm quote before doing any work. Once we have told you the price, we stick to it.
6Do you deal in several languages ?
Yes we have English, French and Spanish as standard in our office and can bring in specialists with other languages quickly.