27 February 2014: Employee Contracts in Hungary – Q & A

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25th February 2014
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Here follows a brief question and answer session on some aspects of employment contracts in Hungary.

Q 1. Suppose there is a contract for 12 months and after 5 months the Employer wants to TERMINATE it ?

A1. You can terminate the 1 year contract say 5 months based on an agreement with the employee or during the 3 months probation period both parties can terminate the contract or based on an extraordinary termination of the contract. If the employer terminates the contract based on other aspects the employer has to pay for the 7 months that are left the average salary of the employee.

Q 2. How often can one EXTEND a fixed term contract ?

A2. With an agreement with the employee you can expend the validation of the temporary employment contract as many times as you would like to. But if the employee will work only 1 day after the deadline of the fixed period and the validation of the employment contract will be not expended the contract will became permanent.

Q 3. If the employee is on a “permanent contract” how long is the NOTICE period ?

A3. Depends on the time you spend in employment at the company. The minimum is 30 days.

Q 4. Can one pay in EUROs ?

A4 . No, the salary has to be paid in HUF. But it can be denominated in Euros – in fact a lot of employees insist on this.

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