Compandben HR solutions in September 2020

International Payroll Services
Compandben HR solutions in August 2020
30th November 2020
International Payroll Services
Employer of Record services
4th March 2021

Compandben HR solutions in September 2020

Payroll & PEO Services

  • One of our providers of HR & Payroll Services in Spain has raised the % fee but bases it now just on salary and not salary costs + employer social charges which is more usual. The service comes out cheaper at modest salary levels, and more expensive at the high salary levels.
  • A project for Spain for the outsourcing of a 350-person payroll has been put on hold because of the Corona virus. We will re contact the potential client in February 2021.

Employment Outsourcing Services

  • Finally started the employment in Brazil mentioned in our August report. It is a new Belgian client.
  • We quoted for an outsourced employment opportunity in
    New Zealand for a French client.
    Jordan for a Chinese client
  • A contract was signed with a USA based company using this same HR & Payroll Services provider for Spain. The employee starts in October.
  • A client contacted us about in HR Outsourcing South Africa. Up to a few years ago a foreign company could register just as an employer with the tax and social security authorities in South Africa. (Just like a South Africa company can do in UK, France, Germany). But then the SA government changed the rules and said foreign companies employing staff had to have branch or subsidiary or some other form of legal entity there. I remember it was a real nuisance. Clients had to quickly decide whether to form legal entities, have their staff employed by local Employer of Record companies or just pull out of South Africa.

Employer of Record Services

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