Compandben HR solutions in June 2020

International Payroll Services
Miles for Mothers sponsorship
25th November 2020
International Payroll Services
Compandben HR solutions in July 2020
30th November 2020

Compandben HR solutions in June 2020

Payroll & PEO Services

Employment Outsourcing Services

  • Finally started an employment service for a Dutch firm -staff in France and Denmark . UK employee is to follow in July, employed by Compandben International Ltd our UK entity.
  • We started a training course for our Francophone specialist in Geneva using a local French training resource.
  • We have tried to find new employment for an internal sales lady we will have to make redundant later this year.
  • We did a lot of work concerning the ‘Stans …Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan. The project has not developed with the client but it is useful for our database of partners and prices .
  • We started new workers in Switzerland, Hungary, Pakistan, Serbia, Romania and Lithuania
  • 2 employees contracts expired, one in France and one in Latvia
  • We hired the second employee in Germany for an aerospace company.

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