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What makes us different from other firms?

Founded 2001, 140 countries covered, international PEO “Umbrella” and Payroll Admin services; fast, flexible legally compliant cost effective, customized professional service.

  • Solidity –we have been around for 16 years: founded March 2001
  • Client Service: Compandben gives clients a personal service: we don’t expect clients to just take a standard product.
  • Coverage -- we provide at this moment payroll administration services and employment services for clients in 87 countries and have the capability to provide these services in 146 countries.
  • Economy- We will offer the service that is most economical for the client. We wont pretend that a more expensive solution is required.
  • Experience- The service is run by experienced HR and payroll specialists. For instance we provide draft employment contracts free and will customize our contracts to suit the client –within legal guidelines.
  • Speed - We can usually implement services in 2 – 3 weeks.
  • Client Focus The client’s wishes are paramount. If the client wishes to deal wholly and directly with our local provider –no problem:if the client wishes Compandben to be the single point f contact and have us do the invoicing as well as providing services though our network – No problem.
  • Multi Language –English, French, Spanish.
  • We are the only true employer services business. We will ensure you get the right solution for your needs, whether it's Employer or Record, single country or multi-country payroll.

It is sometimes useful for HR Managers to have an independent source of expertise available in order to be able to evaluate demands that come from the “field” or in order to develop better HR practices.

We have offices worldwide ready to help you with your HR and Payroll needs – e-mail describing your problem or ideas.

Review the list below – it may give you some ideas.

Let us help YOU

What is the level of salary required for a Sales Manager based in Amsterdam but remotely reporting to Brazil in the food industry? The office in Amsterdam has 6 staff covering Europe.
We did a quick salary survey, and contacted an advisor is Amsterdam. We decided the base salary was OK, even a little generous but that the bonus plan needed serious revision.
Do you know of a good recruitment consultancy specialising in networks/technical/ desktop to desktop staff in UK?
We recommended three such agencies.
Can you provide a salary program for our staff in 6 European countries, plus Australia?
This was a major project: we provided a salary program with a unified grade structure but different levels of salary in each country. Plus a breakdown of social charges plus a spreadsheet of legal and market practice, employment regulations, and benefits.
Are there any good online recruitment sites in UK?
We advised the answer to this but with some scepticism as we don’t think any of them are particularly good.
Can you provide Employee Handbooks for USA, Denmark and Netherlands?
We provided these to a template given to us by the company.
What is the lease price of a car suitable for an executive in France type – Citroen Xantia, BMW 3 series, Audi 400 Peugeot 406?
We provided a spreadsheet of the type of cars given to various types of executives in 6 countries in Europe. We supplemented this with information about the level of car allowance given.
Do you have details of cost efficient health care providers –medical/dental in South Africa?
We provided the names of two insurance companies who deal in private health insurance in Johannesburg and engaged in correspondence to the point of subscription..
Our Country Managers in Brazil/ Mexico/UK are grumbling about their salaries. Can you do a check on the salary levels ?
We provided a salary review from published sources and from our own database.
We are recruiting a Country Manager in Germany and he wants a car allowance instead of a car. Can you tell me the levels applicable to this sort of job ?
We provided this information from our database.
We have a small tech office in Paris. Twice the staff have complained in writing about their salary levels which do look extremely low: but our Country manager in France insists that the salaries are benchmarked and correct.
We spent a day there, interviewed all the French workshop staff and issed a report which gave a modest rise in salaries but had other recommendations which met the employees requirements.
We want to hire an employee in Hong Kong . Please can you fix him up with the relevant insurances and arrange for an outsourced payroll administration
This was done using a Hong Kong based broker for the insurance and a local payroll administrator.
We want to employ an employee in France. We have sent him a job offer on our UK model. Can you fix up insurance and payroll provision.
We have done this and in fact changed the job offer into a French base one.
We employ staff in several European countries. They all pay social charges in Switzerland but are often taxable in the countries where they are based. Can you arrange for payroll deductions to be done in all these countries.
We are in the process of arranging this.
We are looking for a payroll company to which to outsource our payroll in Philippines We are presently charged too much (in our opinion) for payroll services from one of the big accountants.
We recommended a payroll provider in Philippines, and have had excellent success.
I have a small unquoted company and want to give shares to my senior staff.
We are in the process of developing an employee share plan which will use a Jersey based Trust.
We have recently taken over a company and I have to make a fair number of senior staff redundant in Europe. What are their rights, what do other companies do and what are the pitfalls ?
We have developed a document which shows legal and market related severance payments throughout the world.
If I give you a list of staff , job titles and salaries can you do a benchmarking exercise ?
We are in telecommunications.We undertook a benchmark study from our own database, and will monitor permanently the salary market for this company.
We want a survey among our competitors in the luxury goods industry in 4 countries.
Unfortunately we didn’t get the job! But we had to help afterwards- much to our satisfaction.
Can you find us a training source for Microsoft Project, Prince2 training and Advanced Powerpoint Training in Beijing
We provided this source. The training for Microsoft Project was RMB2000 per day per employee.
We have 4 staff in a semiconductor sales office in UK . Please can you advise the market salary. ?
We provided this but the client wasn’t too happy with the result ! He would never tell us if the salaries we came up with wee wildly high or extremely low…
We want to terminate some employees in Belgium and Germany .
We advised the client throughout the process
We have a small tech office in Paris. Twice the staff have complained in writing about their salary levels which do look extremely low: but our Country manager in France insists that the salaries are benchmarked and correct.
We provided the data and reviewed the contracts, then set up the split payroll.
We are a high end luxury store. Our female sales staff in Paris are complaining because it costs them a lot to keep up appearances but they are on the same grade as the office staff who don’t have such constraints..
We did a survey which ended up with a “Prime de Coiffure” being offered to the sales staff for hairdressing , manicure etc – this of course had to then apply to male and female staff..
We pay a levy in France for a training fund. Now we have done some training I understand we can claim back some of it..
We advised the company on the correct procedure for claiming back the costs under the training levy regulations.
We want to transfer 2 employees to Spain and do tax equalisation.
We provided the data and reviewed the contracts, then set up the split payroll.

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