19 March 2013: Compandben and the Falkland Islands Vote

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19 March 2013: Compandben and the Falkland Islands Vote

Payroll Implementation in the South Atlantic –

Islanders Pleased with Credible Vote Result –

Some of you may be aware that there has recently been a vote by the population
of the Falkland Islands  to “stay British”.Falkland Islands flag

We had a conference called this afternoon with our “Partners” in the Falkland Isles because Compandben has been selected to implement a payroll in Ascension Island and the Falklands – both in the South Atlantic.

I teased the lady in Falklands asking if she was one of the three people who had voted “NO”.  I said she could admit it to us – we wouldn’t tell anyone… She confirmed that she had definitely voted “Yes” but said that the Islanders were pleased that a few people had voted “no” because it would have been embarrassing to have a 100% vote – reminiscent of phoney elections in dictatorships where 100% support for the President  is common.

It has been widely reported that the vote was 98.8 % for remaining “British” but she confirmed that in fact the vote was 99.8%. 3 people voted “No” out of a 92% turnout of the 1650 eligible voters. Do the maths yourself…

  • The payroll will have 30 or so employees and will go live in May 2013.

John Tinsley

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