13 March 2013: USA Prejudice against non-USA firms ??

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6th March 2013
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19th March 2013

13 March 2013: USA Prejudice against non-USA firms ??

Setting-up Company in USA –

Legal Costs Quote Spirals –

I want to set up a company in USA. So I asked a friend of mine to contact a lawyer. The lawyer said the whole thing will cost approx $1000. Fine – but then once they found I was based outside the USA I was advised…

“Let me brief you on where we are, a downpayment of  350.00 Grab Dollarsdollars was made when we took on the responsibility to file the document with the balance of 650.00 dollars due when the documents are ready.  however since we are not learning Compandben  Inc. is  a foreign company the fees will be drastically different if you are going to wire the funds to us our fees for Foreign Companies starts any where from 5500-10,000. Thousand

The grammar mistakes are presumably free. I wonder what my USA clients would say if I told them I would start charging them 500% more than my Swiss ones.

John Tinsley

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