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13th February 2013
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20th February 2013

Termination: A Genuine Negotiation –

Company Cars: A Tip –

Terminating employees is often an unpleasant business, but like a lot of other things the first time is the most difficult. Many HR Managers end up quite enjoying it: there is a budget and the art is to “let go” of the employee within the budget but leaving him as happy as possible in the circumstances and with his dignity intact. It is one of the few opportunities an HR Manager has to do genuine negotiations.


bmw company car

Company Cars – Here is a tip: when you get to the negotiation of a termination package, if the employee has a company car and DOESN’T ask ‘”Can I keep it?” then you can be pretty sure he has an alternative job lined up or is pretty confident that he will get one quickly. Employees get to regard company cars as a life support system and can’t ever imagine how they can exist without one. Therefore if they are genuinely distressed about leaving and it is genuinely unexpected they will ask about the car early-on the negotiations. If they don’t mention it you can slightly toughen up your negotiating position.

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