13 February 2013: Annual Leave in Ukraine

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13th February 2013

Provision of Basic Types of Leave –

Compliance and Common Mistakes Made by Employers –

A detailed note has been prepared by our HR, Accounting and Payroll Partners in Ukraine.

The introduction is as follows:

“Over the past few months, there have been instances when businesses wUkraine Flagere checked for their compliance with labour law, not only by the Ministry of Labour and its territorial bodies, but also by the tax authorities, the prosecutor’s office, and the State Employment Fund. And while no issues may emerge with respect to any violations in terms of the hiring or dismissal of employees and the payment of their salaries, questions may arise in regards to the procedure for providing staff members with various types of leave.
In this article, we elaborate on the issue of providing basic types of leave, as well as at the most common mistakes made by employers.”

The note provides detail under the following headings:

1. Annual leave schedule
2. Minimum vacation of 24 calendar days.
3. Annual leave is granted based on the working year.
4. An indivisible part of vacation leave.
5. Calling an employee back to work from annual leave.
6. Payment for leave prior to taking vacation.
7. Additional annual leave due to the special nature of the position.
8. Additional leave for employees who have children.
9. Leave without pay.

To view or download the detailed note under these headings please click here*.

*Adobe Reader® is needed to view this. Download here if you do not already have it.

If you wish to see the full version and other Ukraine related tax and employment data please e mail us at info@compandben.com  and we will then introduce you to the appropriate person in the firm.

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