08 May 2013: Algeria Employment and Payroll Services

24 April 2013: Albania Employment and Payroll Services
24th April 2013
15 May 2013: Payroll in Italy — a Challenge!
15th May 2013

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Payroll Services in Algeria

Payroll Algeria

Compandben has a joint venture in Algeria mainly to provide Employment Services. Our International Employment Partner in Algiers is a qualified Employment specialist and accountant. Our Algeria International Payroll Partner (click link for main site) is a qualified Payroll specialist and accountant within our network.

Algeria Partner Office

Compandben covers over 160 countries for payroll administration. If you want to employ staff in a new country we will find for you a sound payroll specialist, quote you the prices for set up, monthly minima and cost per pay and project manage the implementation for you.

If you have staff in several countries we can “consolidate” and manage the payrolls for you if you wish.
We also have a large network of International Employment Services Providers who will employ staff on your behalf and put the employees at your disposal.

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